Justin Time Preschool

Dear Preschool Family,

Welcome to Preschool! I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting time at St. Justin! I look forward to getting to know all of you even better, but I thought you might like to know a bit about my background and my approach to educating our youngest learners in faith.

I am a degreed and certified teacher that has experience teaching in Catholic elementary schools and preschools in New Jersey and St. Louis. I was the director and teacher at St. Cecilia Preschool in South St. Louis City for six years. I then started Our Little Providence Preschool at Our Lady of Providence Parish in Crestwood. I have been the director and teacher there for eight years. Along the way, I have been asked to help many other parishes start preschools. I was happy to help St. Justin in their process, and I feel honored and blessed to be the new director of Justin Time Preschool!

My philosophy of education is simple. What children learn with pleasure, they remember and treasure. My approach to teaching keeps this as a focus, in a traditional classroom setting. It is important for children of this age in particular to have a rhythm to their day--an order they can predict. They know what comes next and feel empowered! I have included an idea of our preschool schedule so you can see how engaged in learning your child will be at preschool!

You may have questions on how this learning will look in a mixed-age classroom. I have many years of experience in both multi-age and classrooms that separate by age levels (seven years of each). St. Cecilia Preschool and the first year at Our Little Providence were set up as multi-age classrooms. There is value to each style, but in both types of classrooms, I have learned one thing--a birthdate is only a small part of a student. It is the CHILD that leads the education--what they may be ready to grasp.

Skilled teachers make this happen every day in every classroom. And that is what we will do every day here at preschool. Your child will be wonderfully prepared for kindergarten--and beyond--because you have chosen their first school experience to be such a positive one. Welcome to SJM!


Teresa McIntyre

Justin Time Preschool Fees & Tuition Rates 2015-16

Registration Fee (per Family)

Number of Days Attending per Week

Half Day (8am – 11:45am)

Full Day (8am-2:45pm)

Extended Day Costs (3pm- 6pm) separate fee from tuition, minimum charge is for one hour

$75 due
















  • Tuition payments are due the 1st of every month. The first payment is due by September 1st.

  • Families must give 30 days notice for a change of schedule or withdrawal from the preschool program.  Failure to provide 30 days notice will result in forfeiture of refund for withdrawal from the program or forfeiture of reduced charges resulting from a reduced schedule.

  • Extended Day Fees will be billed weekly based on hours used. Those payments are due upon receipt.

  • All checks should be made payable to St. Justin Martyr and delivered/mailed to the parish office located in the rectory at 11910 Eddie and Park, 63126